Hometown: Richland, Mo.

Family: Wife, Morgan; children, Madilynn (10), Reece (7) and Russell (2)

In Town: Named for one of Silver Dollar City’s most famous early residents, the blacksmith, Shad Heller, Dr. Shad Hilton opened his original chiropractic office in Richland, Mo. in 2006. A few years later, he opened a second office in nearby Lebanon, Mo.

“We provide affordable chiropractic care and doctor-supervised weight loss programs,” he explained recently from his Lebanon location. “We like to keep our office as hassle free as possible, which means we also take walk-in appointments. We believe where the pain ends, wellness begins.”

Dr. Hilton is a Stoutland (Mo.) High School graduate and his wife, Morgan, a speech and language therapist, is from Richland, which is also where they reside in Pulaski County. Their children attend Richland schools and Dr. Hilton has been a member of the Richland School Board since 2013.

In the Country: “We have taken over the 310-acre farm where I grew up with my two younger brothers and my parents, Mark and Vicki Hilton,” Shad said. “We’ve always run a mixed commercial herd and we’ve renamed it the Route 66 Land and Cattle LLC.”

Recently, they purchased another adjacent 285 acres.

“That means we’re pushing a total of 600 acres now, with approximately 85 cow/calf pairs. We’re working these days on making things more efficient and using a Black Hereford bull. I’ve always liked the black baldies so that’s the direction we’re moving. They have higher weaning weights and better carcass value.

“Our kids love it and I love that they’ll be growing up with the responsibilities like I had of farm chores. We like to hunt and fish and our land is about 50-50, forested. My mom, Vicki, worked for the Department of Conservation in the past and has now retired after years with the Department of Natural Resources.

“We are looking to expand in the future, hoping to purchase more land nearby to add to the current farm with an eye on retirement, of course,” he concluded with a smile.


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