Age: 18

Parents: Robert and Jackie Poole

Hometown: Windyville, Mo.

FFA Chapter: Buffalo FFA

FFA Advisors: Dan Dryer and MaryAnn Boro

What is your involvement in agriculture? “I help my parents with their cow/calf operation here on our farm in Dallas County, where we have a number of cow/calf pairs of commercial cattle,” Ranae said. She explained her extensive agriculture experience as she took time to feed a bawling herd of calves that were being weaned from their mommas. “I also show registered Hereford and Lim-Flex cattle. I have about 35 of those, counting the bulls. I show at area county fairs like Dallas County in Buffalo, Laclede County in Lebanon and Webster County in Marshfield as well as bigger shows like the American Royal in Kansas City. I’ve been doing that since 2012.

“I’ve also been showing Hampshire and Yorkshire cross pigs since I was 4,” she added. “I started that through some family friends of my parents and still do but I’d have to say I like showing cattle the best. Each time I sell one, I buy a CD at the bank to save the money for college. I’ve also shown Hampshire sheep.”

As an only child, Ranae’s interest in livestock covers a wide range as she also enjoys spending time with her father in his pursuits with horses.

“I pull Percheron and Belgian draft horses with my dad. He has a team of his own and then I also have a team named Butch and Bill. We travel a circuit that goes through Iowa, Kansas and Oklahoma. I also have miniature ponies that also participate in pulling competitions.”

And are you involved in agriculture education? “I’m in FFA and was vice-president last school year. In 2014, I went to an AI School called Genex at the Springfield stockyards and I really like the genetics side of this whole thing. When I feel comfortable with it, I’d like to do AI for other farmers as well.”

Do your future plans include agriculture? “In July I attended Graham School in Garnett, Kan. I learned how to preg check, herd health and ranch management among many other things. That was probably one of the highlights of my summer. My future plans are to stay on the farm to build up my herd of Herefords and Lim-Flex, and continue to AI, preg and eventually attend a school to learn how to put embryos in cows.”


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