Age: 17

Parents: Richard and Glenda Van Bummel

Hometown: El Dorado Springs, Missouri

FFA Chapter: El Dorado Springs FFA

What is your involvement in agriculture?

“I had 14 head of sheep in 2014 and now have 40 head. I tend to them daily with my dad. We also have market wether goats, hogs and wether sheep.”

What are some of your responsibilities on the farm?

“I help feed twice a day and work with the sheep two to three hours at night to prepare for shows. We have a bracing box to put the sheep in and train. It teaches them not to fall back and they get stronger muscles. We also have a treadmill for them to exercise on. This helps them keep in condition and have great muscles. I help put them off and on these.”

What do you like about living on the farm?

“I enjoy working with animals and having a good time with family and friends when we are doing it.”

What are your plans for the future?

“I plan to go to college, but I haven’t selected one yet. I would like to become a salesman in the feed business.”

Why is it important for your generation to be involved in FFA?

“Because there are not a lot of farmers and we have 8 billion people who need food. I’ve always been on a farm and helped raise animals. My mother carried me in a sling pouch when I was a baby and she helped with the lambing season. I love farm life. But not a lot of young people have that opportunity anymore and I’d like to try and convince people to raise animals.”


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