Whitney Walker

Age: 14
Parents: Eric and Linsay Walker
Hometown: Prairie Grove, Ark.
FFA Chapter: Prairie Grove FFA
Advisors: David Hays and Clint Hale

What is your favorite aspect of agriculture?
“Agriculture is an important industry because of the unity and hard work it takes to supply the world with food. I love showing cattle which I have done since I was 7. It offers the best opportunity to meet great people. I love judging livestock, which I began three years ago.

Who is the most influential person in your life?
“Cody Green, who has worked with our breeding stock for our family for a long time. He has helped me become a better livestock judge and has taught me how to handle the animals in the show ring. When I was really little, about 5, I showed my first sheep. It kept jumping all over me in the show ring. I wasn’t much better when I started showing cattle. This last year my heifer wanted to pop her hip when she walked. He told me to walk her faster so she can’t do it as much which helped her to become a champion.”

What is your current involvement in agriculture?
“I raise and show Maintainers and Shorthorn Plus, as well as a few Herefords. I wash and feed the heifers, work their hair and practice showmanship. I also help my grandpa with vaccinating, usually by writing down the numbers or helping with the scales.”

What is your favorite possession?
“My Bible, but next would be my livestock judgment notebook. That’s where I keep track of all of the things that I learn about judging animals.”

What are your future plans?
“I want to go to college in ag communication at Oklahoma State where I want to be on the livestock judging team. After that I what a career in agriculture whether it’s in graphic design or working on a ranch or something else. I just need to be in agriculture.”


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