Outdoor Water Solutions

Owners: John and Tonya Redd
Location: Springdale, Ark.

History: “After graduating with an Ag Econ degree, I worked for 20 years for a major seed and biotech firm. In 2005, Tonya and I started Outdoor Water Solutions. Even though we both grew up on farms in northeastern Missouri, at the time we didn’t realize how important clean water was for animals,” John Redd. “Now technology has solutions for cleaning water for animal and human consumption as well as for environmental and recreational purposes. We wanted people to enjoy their ponds as well as improve cattle health and weight gain. We started in Springdale and now have an international company with an office in Missouri as well. Our Springdale site has expanded three times, and our product line has grown from 20 to 160 products, many of which we have redesigned and improved ourselves.”

Products and Services: “An aerator adds oxygen and circulates water in ponds from the bottom up which eliminates most moss and muck. It is a self-sustaining system powered by wind, solar or electrical energy or by a customized combination. Components include a heavy-duty compressor, one to three airlines, and a diffuser which sits on the pond bottom aerating and circulating the water. This process promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria which in turn consume excess nutrients and organic matter. Other products we offer toward our goal of making ponds as multipurpose as possible include pond docks, pond dye, fish feeders, water pumps, artificial fish habitats and fountains. For further support we also carry a full line of weed and algae control products. An additional advantage of this system for farmers is eliminating the unpleasant task of chopping ice to water livestock in winter since pond water is constantly circulating.


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