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Location: Miami, Okla. 

Owners: Melvin Cook and son Kojak Cook

History: Melvin Cook started his meat cutting career while still in high school, working at Cone’s Meat Market in Miami, Okla. He then spent 29 years working of a chain grocery store as a full-time meat cutter.  

In 1985, Melvin started Cook’s Processing in Miami. Today the facility is managed by Melvin’s son Kojak Cook. Kojak has been involved in the family owned and operated business his whole life.

Products and Services: Cook’s Processing is a state-inspected processor. 

“We have an inspector on site every day,” Melvin explained. “He inspects the animals when they are slaughtered to make sure the meat is good and there is nothing wrong. Also, people can then sell it by the package because it carries an inspection logo. Unless it’s deer, it doesn’t say ‘not for sale’ on the package.”

Melvin said all animals processed at Cook’s are under state inspection, even those animals that are not intended for resale. There is no additional inspection fee. 

Cook’s processes beef, pork, lamb, goat, buffalo, deer and elk. 

“I don’t have enough money in my checkbook to tell no to anybody,” Melvin said with a chuckle. “You never know if the word ‘no’ will hurt you.” 

An exception is wild hog, due to the potential of parasites and disease. 

A little more than 100 head of cattle are processed a month at Cook’s, making it the most-processed animal at the facility. Cook’s Processing has a 10,000-square-foot facility to meet the demand of customers. 

The business also has a retail side. Under HACCP guidelines, the retail said features steaks, ground beef, beef snacks, jerky, pork chops, sausage and other cuts. Beef liver and tongue are also available. 

“We sell a lot of sticks; buffalo sticks, beef sticks and people like the deer sticks we make,” Melvin said. “We also sell a lot of summer sausage.” 

Dog owners can also find fresh beef for their canine companions. 

“It looks like ground beef,” Melvin explained. “It has beef liver, hearts, tongues, beef scraps and fat trimmings. Dogs really love it.”  

Business Philosophy: Cook’s Processing strives to be professional, courteous and efficient, and works closely with customers to get them the highest-quality product. 


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