Owner: Tim Collins

Manager: William Shaw

History: After a co-op closed in Marmaduke, Ark., area farmers and ranchers had to travel out of town to get what they needed. In 2020, Tim Collins opened his own store feed and supply store to offer much-needed products and services to the community. The store, Hound Feed & Supply, pays homage to Tim’s beloved basset hound Rosco. William said Rosco is well known around the community. 

Products: The Hound Feed & Supply offers a wide selection of items for the farmer and rancher.

“We have feed, minerals, supplements, vaccines, medications, feed, oil supplies for tractors and combines, grease and hydraulic fluid, tools, and other hardware,” William said. We also have dog and cat food, meds, and flea and tick preventatives.”

Customers can find a of bagged Hirsch feeds for all classes of livestock. 

“Right now, we are just bagged feed,” William, who started with the company about two months after Hound Feed and Supply opened, said. “In the near future, we are going to put up some bins and start bagging some of our own.”

The Hound also carries feed bunks and other livestock-related items. 

“We will carry a few gats and things like that, and if we don’t have what someone wants, we can order it in for them,” William said. 

Tack can also be found at the store, as can hay, straw and shavings, lick tubs, hunting supplies, automotive batteries, heat lamps, poultry supplies and rubber boots. 

Farmers and ranchers aren’t the only customers The Hound caters to. Gardeners can find seed, fertilizer, bedding, starter plants, lawn seed, and fertilizer. Fruit trees are also available for purchase.

Future plans: Thanks to community support, Hound Feed & Supply plans to build a new store. 

“We have the land bought and are just waiting to get the land cleared and start building,” William said. “We have outgrown where we are.” 

Business Philosophy: “We try to make sure people are happy when they come here,” William said.


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