Virginia’s Horse Tack & Repairs

Owners:  Virginia & Dean Battles
Location:  Junction of Highways 225 and 356, Quitman, Ark.

History:  Virginia’s Horse Tack and Repairs, formerly Battles Horse Tack & Supplies, was originally owned by Roger Battles in 2005. Roger had grown up around horses and liked the idea of opening a tack shop. Roger, who was the son of Virginia and Dean, died suddenly in 2008. Since Virginia had worked in the shop for her son she made the decision to keep the shop going but had to change the name for legal reasons. Dean decided to do saddle repair in a room in the existing shop. In some ways the shop has helped Virginia through the rough times with the death of her son. When Roger was alive the business was thriving and he shipped merchandise all over the world.

Products and Services:  For a small shop you can find a lot of merchandise at Virginia’s Horse Tack & Repairs. Virginia’s hosts a large selection of horse tack and supplies, as well as horse blankets and saddle bags. They also sell Fast Back ropes, a variety of cowboy and cowgirl hats, spurs and spur straps, brushes and other grooming supplies. You can also find a few western style handbags, some of which Virginia has made from leather. There are also select pieces of jewelry including necklaces and bracelets, some of which are also made by Virginia. Dean does basically any kind of saddle repair, with the exception of taking the horn off the saddle. He does everything from relining the saddles to repairing them.

Future Plans:  Virginia’s plans would be to retire in a few years but would like to see someone buy the shop.

Story and Photo by Alice Chambers


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