Hitchcock-Campbell, Inc. in Tahlequah, Oklahoma is a wholesale distributor of three-point farm implements. It started as a seasonal wheat harvesting company and is owned by Ray and Sandy Campbell. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Location: Tahlequah, Okla.

Owners: Ray and Sandy Campbell

History: Hitchcock-Campbell, Inc., began in the early 1970s when partners Jimmy Dale “Jim” Campbell and Raymond Hitchcock started a custom wheat harvesting business. 

“They eventually started dealing in used tractors; little 8Ns and 9Ns,” co-owner Sandy Campbell said. “It evolved into some farm equipment, but they would always close up the business from May to September/October because they would go to harvest.”

Sandy said when she and Ray were married in 1985, she and Ray would stay home and operate the business while Jim and Raymond when on the wheat harvest. 

After Raymond passed in 1998, Jim became sole owner and sold the business to Ray and Sandy in 1999. 

Products and Services: Hitchcock-Campbell may have started as a seasonal wheat harvesting company, but today is it a wholesale distributor of three-point farm implements. 

“We import drag chain harrows from Italy. We import rototillers, finishing mowers, fertilizer spreaders and cement mixers, and I import a few parts from India, but the rest of our equipment is made stateside.”

Ray and Sandy also work with Atlas MFG Co, Inc., in Mississippi, which offers a wide range of products. 

“We also work with some other, smaller manufactures,” Sandy added. “We sell rock rakes, disks, cultivators, planters, a little 3-point hay equipment, box blades, straight blades and even gopher machines. We try to sell to people who don’t have tractor lines, but we do sell to Branson and TYM dealers. I also have a few Mahindra dealers. We just handle things from 4 foot up to 10 foot; we don’t handle anything really large.” 

A recent product addition is grapples. 

“We never really handled them until the last couple of months, and we have lots of people interested. We are always open to new products or ideas.”

Hitchcock-Campbell sells to about 125 dealers in Oklahoma, Missouri, Kansas, Colorado, New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana and Arkansas. Sandy added they do offer some retail sales as well as wholesale. 

“We don’t turn anyone away,” Sandy said. 

Sandy said she and Ray enjoy what they do and have many repeat customers. 

“They seem like old friends,” Sandy said.


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