Darrell Montgomery

Family: Darrell lives in Everton, Mo., with his wife, Charla and teenage daughter, Andi.

In Town: “I’ve been with DeWitt and Associates of Springfield, Mo., for 15 years. They are a General Contractor handling big commercial projects. Most of the projects (maybe 20 different ones underway right now) are in the $8-20 million range.
“My job title is Project Superintendent. I oversee projects from start to finish. Right now we are working on Kickapoo High School in Springfield. It’s a renovation/remodel. Most of our jobs last about a year-and-a-half.
“I’m a carpenter by trade. I was in the Carpenter’s Union for 30 years.”

Biggest Challenge?
“Coordinating with subcontractors and scheduling; especially with the weather.”

In the Country: “I was born and raised in Dade County. I’ve been doing cattle all my life – since I got married to Charla 36 years ago.
“I have purebred Charolais mostly, about 40 cow/calf pairs. I always buy purebred registered bulls. But my cows are not registered.
“I own 160 acres and rent another 90.
“I cut my own hay, which is pretty challenging, but I get a lot of help from family (at-home daughter Andi is an active FFA’er and 4-H’er and raises Dexters). And Dewitt is pretty considerate to let me take time off during haying season. I call it my ‘working vacation.’
“I try to run combines. I’ve got three of them that we run for fescue seed in the summertime. I’ve got a brother-in-law and some friends that help with that too.”

Biggest Challenge on the Farm?
“Finding time to do everything, what with working 50-hours-a-week away from home. But it’s something I love to do or I wouldn’t be doing it.”


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