Name:  Roger Moore
In Town:  Roger Moore grew up in a military family as his father served in the Army, and today he is a retired Marine. In between the two military careers, his and his father’s, he attended college in Texas and worked for a time in his father’s shoe repair business, which his father began after retirement. “Growing up around John Wayne, the military was pretty much a natural choice,” Roger shared. Roger is currently working with the U.S. Census Bureau.

In the Country:  “I’ve been all around the world and lived in several different places so I’ve decided where heaven is, and I’m in it. Missouri only has three colors – green, greener and greenest. There are so many more colors, such a variety of trees and wildlife here than in so many other parts of the United States.” Roger explained why he chose to retire from the military to the Ozarks. Not quite six years ago, he and his wife, Carol bought a small farm west of Conway, in the Morgan area of rural Laclede County. “We have geese, ducks, rabbits, chickens, pigs and a Jersey milk cow. We have plenty of eggs, milk, butter and yogurt and we’re working on learning to make cheese.”

Family:  Roger and Carol have three sons, Steven and Vincent, who is currently in the Navy, and Andrew, who lives at home and helps on the farm.

What's the hardest thing you've had to learn so far?
“Probably learning how to milk a cow by hand,” Roger answered quickly with a grin. “My fingers were stiff and I’d get half a bucket and then the cow would step in the bucket. The cats were happy those first few times. Everybody said she (the cow) would never stand still for milking by hand, without a head stall, but she stands still for us now, no problem.”

What is your best advice for other part-time farmers?
“Pay off the bills and get as close to debt free as possible, before you retire,” Roger concluded.

By Laura Valenti


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