Name:  Haley Hines
Family:  Danny and Julie Deckard, younger sister, Lindsey
FFA:  Marshfield FFA, advisors Bill Roberts and Kyle Whittaker
How are you involved in agriculture?
"Milking. I also have beef cows. That’s part of my SAE (Supervised Agriculture Experience) project for FFA. I've lived on the farm my whole life. We started out with beef cows and when I was about 12 we started milking, and I started working here (Cruise Farm’s Dairy) full-time."

What interests you most on the farm?
"I learn something new everyday; that’s a big one. I like hauling hay in the summer. I do a lot of that. I like milking. That’s probably my favorite part."

Who has been the biggest influence in your life?
"My grandpa, Jerry Cruise. He teaches me everything I know, now. I’m with him everyday. I get here and we start milking. There’s 72 in here, and then we switch groups. We have another group, and I milk them by myself while he goes and feeds all of them. Then he comes back and switches with me, and I go feed calves."

What are your future plans?
"Hopefully, get in to College of the Ozarks. And I want to milk. I hope to be a dairy barn inspector."

How long have you been helping your grandpa milk?
"Five years. I’ve been helping since I was little, every now and then, but consistently for about five years. (I help with) milking and feeding calves. I get up fresh cows, and feed whatever I need to."

Why should young people be involved in agriculture?
"I think it’s a good learning experience. You learn how to work hard. At College of the Ozarks they have a program where you can milk. You’re supposed to work, but you can milk. I hope to do that."

What's your best memory on the farm?
"Spending time with my grandpa, and just learning everything I know."

By Brenda Brinkley


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