Forsyth Welding & Ornamental Iron

Owner:  Nathan Brooks
Location:  East State Highway 76, Kirbyville, Mo.

History:  “I bought this business seven years ago. The business is 25 years old. I’m the third owner. It started in downtown Forsyth then moved out here (on 76 east just outside of Forsyth, Mo.) The previous owner did a lot in Branson and a lot of work for farmers in the area. I do everything from construction sites to repairing equipment to pipe corrals.”

Products and Services: When it comes to the farming community, Nathan said, "I’ll weld about anything. I do equipment repairs, I work on bush hogs, trailers, horse trailers, pipe corrals. I also can weld stainless steel and aluminum.”

What is the biggest mistake you see farmers make in repairing equipment?
“I’ve seen it all. I’ve seen a bush hog they tried to braze together. It took two hours to clean it just so I could re-weld it. And aluminum – don’t try to JBWeld it. It takes forever to clean that off, and aluminum has to be completely clean to be welded. I’ve seen customers try to JBWeld exhaust manifolds.” Nathan’s sentiment: Most jobs should just need to be fixed once – the right way the first time.

What is your coverage area?
"I’ll take jobs within a 75-mile radius or about an hour and a half drive.”

Do you have a motto?
“Quality work at a reasonable price.”

What's in the future for your business?
“I hope to be expanding – get into plasma cutting where I can sell silhouettes, etc. But I’ll mostly stay with welding and fabrication.”

By OFN Staff


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