Location:  Marshfield, Mo.
Sales Manager:  Don Day

Explain your company’s history.
AC Component Specialists, Inc. (ACCS) was founded in 1996. Their initial product line was Hitachi Refrigeration Screw Compressors, a compressor for industrial air conditioning and process cooling applications. The company began to look into diversifying, and came to the idea of a new, packaged biomass heater. Don Day, sales manager for the new Green Heat Systems, said these heaters have been available for about 18 months.

Products and Services:  “We offer a biomass heater that’s packaged in a weather tight container, completely assembled when you get it. (All the producer has to do is) just connect the duct work and electric power. Producers can save money on heat, and the heat is dry. It’s a (biomass) corn, wood pellet, any kind of pelletized fuel heater. We recommend wood pellets because it’s a very dry fuel, and it’s a cleaner burning fuel. We also offer residential wood pellet furnaces and boilers. The furnaces are manufactured in US. We manufacture the package – the container with the auger system, all the wiring to the heater, all this is completed here in Marshfield. The Green Heat systems are distributed by ACCS and Ozark Hardwood Products.”

What does Green Heat Systems offer the farmer?
“A cheaper source of heat, lower fuel costs, a drier environment for the birds. Wood is a much drier heat than propane, humidity levels stay low, which gives the farmer a better bottom line, better grow out, healthier birds. Producers aren’t just saving money on fuel, it’s better for the birds.”

By OFN Staff


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