In Town:  Kyle is a realtor with Gregg Stancer Realty. He specializes in investment properties, development land, site selection and other commercial properties. “We concentrate a lot on buyer representation, but we do also list and market several types of commercial properties,” Kyle noted. Their coverage area is southwest Missouri and beyond – wherever the properties are, and wherever their customers want to be. The firm has worked in development, and in the future, as the market improves, Kyle anticipates working on development projects again.

At the farm:  Kyle is a fourth generation farmer. He grew up in Lawrence County, training and selling border collies. His dad, Greg Estes, is an auctioneer, and his grandpa, Gene Estes, has farmed in Ozark, Mo., on the family’s Century Farm, that’s been in the family 138 years. Kyle had “a handful” of Holstein steers through college, and today runs steers continuously throughout the year on his family’s farm in Ozark. He also helps his grandpa as needed with his livestock. “The reason I am involved with the farm is because of my dad and grandpa. They have been in the business for years and years. Without their knowledge and continuous support it would be nearly impossible for me to keep things going.”

Family:  Wife, Hollie

How would you like to improve your operation?
“I’d like to improve the corrals and we could improve the fences. On Highway CC you never know when someone might run through a fence, so it’s a gamble keeping cattle along CC. That being said, I’ve heard my dad tell stories of when my family used to run cattle up CC, back when it was a dirt road, between two of our locations. We can’t do that now.” So that means two separate bunches, which adds some to the workload for Kyle.

How does your work in town complement what you do at the farm?
“(The farm’s) location fits in with both professions, in a way, unfortunately. The family farm still has 300 acres, but it sits right in the path of future developments, on 65 and CC in Ozark.” But still, Kyle said, “I love getting out and feeding the steers, and working with them. My job makes it possible to keep the steers, because of the flexibility. If I have my phone I can do business anywhere.” Even out with the steers.

By OFN Staff


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