How are you involved in agriculture?
Taylor and Gabrianna are both active in the 4-H and FFA. The sisters raise and show Standard Chinchilla and Mini Satin rabbits, and also raise and show Milking Shorthorns. “We feed and take care of them, wash and clip them,” Gabrianna said. Taylor added, “And we have to check on the babies, make sure they don’t have trouble.” The girls got their first cow when Taylor told her grandma, Reta, that she wanted a “girl cow.” She was 10 years old. Taylor’s dad got her a Milking Shorthorn, and Gabrianna got her own “girl cow” just a few short months later.

How do you raise your show calves?
“In the beginning we decided (the calves) grew better when they stayed with their mommas. They’re harder to break, but they get a lot bigger, quicker,” Taylor said. “They get those original vitamins from momma, they just do better than when they’re on milk replacers,” Gabrianna added.

What do you breed for in your cattle?
“Deep ribbed, big udder,” Gabrianna began. “Good on the feet and legs,” Taylor injected. Gabrianna continued, “Feminine. Straight across the top, and you don’t want them fat.”
“I learned that the hard way,” Taylor said, “One of my first shows a judge told me I ought to just eat my cow, she was so fat.”

What’s in the future?
Gabrianna said, “I want a big dairy farm, and I want to go to college and be a vet.” Taylor said, “I want our kids and grandkids to do this.”

By OFN Staff


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