Claire Lester

Parents: David and Lisa Lester
Sister: Makenzie
Hometown: Bakersfield, Mo.
Grade: 10
FFA Chapter: Bakersfield FFA
FFA Advisor: Lyn Cotter

What do you like about living an agricultural life?
“I just like living on a farm because there’s all sorts of things to do. I stay busy all the time and like being outdoors. You can make money with your cattle. I like having responsibilities and being able to help my dad work cattle.”

Are you considering a career in Ag? What would you like to be?
“Yes, a veterinarian. I know it takes a lot of time and college, but I would like to do that.”

In the field of agriculture, who has been a big influence in your life?
“My dad. We work together and he teaches me lots of things.”

How do you think agriculture will change in the future?
“I don’t think there will be as many young people in ag in the future. Farmers will get older and older and there will be fewer young people to take their place. That will be sad.”

Why have you chosen the ag program here at Bakersfield High School?
“Because I like FFA and I live on a farm. I can see myself going into agriculture and they teach things that are helpful. The program here is great. I like it all. Last year I was on the Knowledge Team. I had to read and know the FFA manual from front to back and take tests on it. We competed at state. The competition was fun. And here at the high school I’m in the greenhouse class. I like being with the kids, too.”


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