Jared Frye

Age: 13
Parents: John and Amanda Frye
Sister: Katie, 9 years old
FFA Chapter: Siloam Springs FFA
FFA Advisor: Rodney Ellis

FFA Involvement: “I’m on the high school judging team. I do a lot to help out with it. I like the animals. I like seeing what they could have done with them and what they did with them. I’ve judged at the Arkansas-Oklahoma State Fair.”

Why do you want to be in FFA?
“FFA gives me something to do and I have some experience with already living on a farm. It helps to be around other kids that are interested in the same things I am.”

Who has been your biggest influence?
“My dad has taught me a lot. So have my mom and my grandpa. Dad taught me how to weld and woodworking. Mom has taught me how to work with cows.”

Future Plans: “I’m going to continue being on the high school judging team. I’m probably going to do something in agronomy. I’ll do something in forestry or something like that. I plan to stay on the farm. I am the third generation of my family to live on this farm and I want to make it better.”

What do you do around the farm?
“I sell eggs keeping track of cost and profit with a spreadsheet. I started when I was 4 but quit when I was 6 or 7 and picked it back up last winter. I have a mix of different types of chickens. I sell eggs to local people. I help harvest and feed hay. I cut wood using a reciprocating saw. I weld. Welding is one of my favorite things to do. I’ve made a hay feeder for our calves. I’ve made a camp grill. I welded some stuff back together for one of my friend’s grandpa. I built the latch on a gate and the gate, too. Right now, I am working on a head gate.”


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