Name:  Cheyenna Black, 15
Parents:  Darral and Cynthia Black
Hometown:  Salina, Okla.
School:  Pryor High School

How did you get started in agriculture?
“I lived in the country when I was little where I learned my love for animals. I wanted a horse really badly but we didn’t have enough land. Later we moved to Salina where I got my horse, Hunter. This year my dad bought me Jesse James, a red head wether goat that I am going to show in the fair this year.”

What is your current involvement in agriculture?
“Showing my goats and keeping records is what I do for my FFA project. I have to keep all of the receipts and I have a book at the end of the year which shows all of the expenses and income. I also participate in labor auctions where I go and work for people for money for FFA.”

What is your favorite agricultural memory?
“I went to the MFE (Made for Excellence) conference in Tulsa, Okla., which was a leadership workshop sponsored by FFA. It was a great chance to meet a lot of other FFA members and to learn about leadership. It helps you learn confidence and the importance of making good decisions. One speaker talked about good choices and used an example by showing the consequences of bad choices like taking drugs. It really had an impact on me.”

Story and Photo by Terry Ropp


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