NEO Feeds

Owner:  Terry Browne
Location:  Miami, Okla.

History:  “My folks had the Seneca Milling Company in Seneca, Mo. I was getting out of college when they asked if I wanted the mill and then sold it because I said I didn’t. I agreed to stay and finish that year but ended up staying until Purina asked if I wanted to open a place in Miami, Okla. I opened NEO Feeds in 1983. My wife and I worked 10 years by ourselves until we decided to have a family.”

Services:  “We provide animal feed, pet supplies and animal health supplies such as medicine. Basically we provide anything that is not a big ticket item for animals including dog and cat supplies. Our basic feed providers are Purina Animal Nutrition, ADM and Mid-America feeds. We also have creep and cubes. Another part of our business is supplying lawn and bulk garden seeds, and we are one of the only ones in the area to carry those products.”

Philosophy:  “The biggest key to success is being able to relate to your customers. Through the years we have become friends. It’s how you greet them. You sell yourself and it’s easier to sell your product. Whether I am selling a 50-cent scoop or a ton of feed, I treat them all the same. It takes my entire customer base to succeed. The relationship with the customer is the key along with, providing what they like at a price they are willing to pay.”

Future:  “The majority of my customers are small buyers which will help me weather these times so I can prosper in the future as has happened in the past. Because of how I have always treated my customers, other customers will return as the economy eases.”

Story and Photo by
Terry Ropp


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