Newton County farm brings new light in raising goats in the Ozarks“We will probably be raising goats from now on, as the third generation is close to being ready to start showing goats,” said Lori Peterson of Show Me Boers in Newton County, Mo. She is talking about her 5-year-old granddaughter, who loves to come and help with the chores.
Wess and Lori met while showing Nubian milk goats. The couple has three children who have all shown goats. Elizabeth, Tiffany and Shiloh still help when needed. Lori said, “It really is a family affair.” When the tornado came through in 2008 and wiped out 80 percent of their trees and several barns, the goat community came from several states to help. They showed up the next day and helped get the goats contained, putting up panels and clearing debris. “It is a wonderful community,” is how Lori referred to the goat people she knows.
The tornado was tragic, but they got to rebuild and have a dream barn now. They are using two young bucks now. They ship goats all over the country. Although they are meat goats, Lori said they don’t sell them for meat, but rather for showing. They have a buck who was Reserve Junior National Grand Champion when he was just 6 months old.
Wess, who is a produce specialist, travels a lot. “We do it together,” Lori said, “but the day to day is up to me.” It takes an average of three hours a day to do the feeding, medicating, hoof trimming and such. Like any animal endeavor, some days require more time.
Lori got started showing meat goats at local fairs and then became a fair leader for goats and rabbits.
Show Me Boers started in Newton County almost 10 years ago. They conduct tours and answer questions. Lori said “there is a lot of misinformation out there, and we correct it whenever we get the chance. Just because you see it on the internet, doesn’t make it true.” She really enjoys helping children get started showing goats.
Lori works to give back to the goat industry by judging at county fairs in Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Missouri. She is always happy to offer judging tips to FFA groups and encourages students and farmers to learn more about raising goats in the Ozarks.


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