Two generations of cattlewomen grow operation through focusing on their customer

“We want to continue to do a better job each year,” explained Cindy Ulm of C/S Cattle of Pomona, Mo. “We hope to always have cattle and are always striving to do things better with better outcomes than the year before.”
“If you keep doing things the same way, you’ll get the same results,” she reasoned. “Therefore, I try to learn as much as I can to produce more productive and efficient animals.”
Ozarks Farm & Neighbor talked to Cindy 10 years ago. “The thing that has changed the most is that we now hold our own production sale in the spring. We are holding our 5th annual sale on March 27,” Cindy said. “This was something we always hoped to do and were able to breed our cattle to the quality and numbers we wanted since starting here in 1994.”
C/S Cattle is an operation of 255 predominantly Angus cows and seven herd bulls. “This is a ranch my mom, Shirley Jautz, and I own and operate.”
According to Cindy, they try to have animals in their sale for every buyer. “We now have a registered herd large enough to offer 70-80 lots each year including 30-40 bulls,” she said.

The Farm Start
“We are happy we’ve been well received and I hope we are respected in the community,” Cindy reasoned. “Maybe it took us a little longer to earn the respect because we were new to the area and women,” she said with a smile, “but I take every opportunity to continue learning and sharing my experiences and local farmers and ranchers are receptive to this.”
“Our goal for the next 10 years it to continue to get better and better each day,” she said. “That means we need to be open to new ideas and implement some to see what works for us. We have to be willing to constantly change.”
Cindy admitted, that adapting to the market is hard for some, but that producers have to find every opportunity to offer the best, most cost effective products to customers. “That’s what we’re doing each year with the animals we sell at our production sale here on the farm,” she concluded. “Trying to continue to improve, to continue to sell quality animals and if you listen to the repeat customers we have, we must not be doing too bad a job,” she said with a smile.


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