Prairie Grove Builder’s Supply

Owners:  Jack Phillips and Tracy Moore
Location:  Prairie Grove, Ark.

Company History:  “We opened June 8, 2010,” explained Tracy.  “Dad and I wanted to provide feed and vet supplies to this area, so people wouldn’t have to drive for those products. Prairie Grove’s a big farming community, and everyone had to go to other areas to get their panels, feed and supplies – we wanted to provide a place they could get everything they’d need.”

Products and Services:  “We have vet supplies, feed, small and large animal healthcare, vaccinations – all the stuff you’ll need to maintain an animal,” said Jack. “We have antibiotics, feed for everything from dairy goats to show animals, cattle, dogs, swine and chicks. Additionally, we offer cattle panels, hardware, lumber, firewood, top soil and gravel. Also, my dad does his dozer and excavating business out of there and we deliver free,” explained Tracy.

What sets you apart from your competition?
“If we don’t have it, folks ask for it and we’ll get it. We’re very friendly, helpful, and we’re willing to get products especially for that customer,” said Tracy. “If they need it, I’ll find it.”

What’s in the future?
“We are adding on so we can meet the growing need for the area, and it will be completed by the end of November,” she said. “We are going to have a drive-through feed pick-up where people can drive in one end of the building and come out the other end – for easy pick-ups. Also, 90 percent of our feed is inside a climate-controlled area, which helps the quality.”

By Lindsay Haymes


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