Name:  Dylan Whiteley
Parents:  Ronnie and Sheila Whiteley
High School:  Berryville, Ark.

How are you involved in agriculture?
Dylan raises Boer goats. He has percentage and commercial animals. He was given two bottle babies three years ago and has continued to add more since. He is a member of the Carroll County 4-H Goat Club and Berryville FFA and raises the  show goats as his project. Dylan’s older brother, Russell, purchased a small herd of Boer cross nannies with a youth loan from the Carroll County Farm Service Agency and intends to raise his for market. The brothers have combined their animals and have approximately 35 head, counting babies.

Why Boer goats?
“They’re better for show, they’re more muscular. I figure if we have high percentage Boer goats they will sell better and make better show-quality animals.”

What do you do with the goats daily?
“I have to feed them and check their water. We have a 100 gallon tank out there, but no pond, so the tank has to be cleaned and filled. We supplement with grain a few times a week and feed our show animals Honor show feed. We have to buy our hay, but have a neighbor who gives us some too. Right now we have two nannies that have kidded and I am waiting and watching a couple others who are due soon.”

What’s in the future?
“I plan on having goats, but I don’t know how far into the future. Over the Christmas break we started having babies and it seemed there were new ones every day or two. We found out very quickly we are limited on our barn space where we can keep the babies warm and out of the bad weather. We will need to either make adjustments in our herd size or add on to our shelter before next winter. And college, yes, but I’m not sure what kind – something hands-on like agriculture or welding. And I want to have a farm with horses, that kind of thing.”
By OFN Staff


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