Names:  Hannah Cotter, 15 years old and Bodie Cotter, 11 years old
Parents:  Leah and Lyn Cotter
Groups:  Lucky Clovers 4-H and  Mountain Home FFA

How are you involved in agriculture?
The Cotter kids grew up on the family farm. “We have always been around the farm. Now I help dad with the cattle, feeding and taking care of things. He got us working with the calves and beef cattle. He was involved with his parents on the farm, so it’s what we know,” explained Hannah.
“Our great grandpa bought us our first feeder calves,” recalled Bodie. “We raised those and sold them and used that money to buy more animals. That’s how we got started.”
Hannah raises Shorthorn and Angus and currently has six head of livestock. Bodie raises Shorthorn and has five animals.

What is the best part of growing up on a farm?
“I’d have to say learning to get dirty is the best part of the farm,” said Hannah. “Being part of the farm and agriculture is pretty neat. Without ag, honestly the world wouldn’t have much.”
Bodie has the same theme about the farm. “It makes you tougher. I grew up knowing how to take care of myself and my animals.”

Who is your role model?
“My dad,” Hannah answered without hesitation. “He taught me a lot about farming and gave me the opportunities to gain experience around the animals,” she explained.
“My grandpa, Ransy Cotter, is my role model,” Bodie stated proudly. “He’s over 80 years old and still gets out there and feeds the cattle and does what he can on the farm. He’s a big part of the reason I enjoy my time on the farm.”

What is the best part of showing cattle?
“Getting to meet people with similar experiences and interests,” said Hannah. “And getting to travel to different places. This year we’re going to the Shorthorn Junior Nationals in Springfield, Ill.,” Bodie excitedly added.

By Stephanie Moody


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