Name:  Jacy Alsup

Parents:  Danny and Debbie, and brother Carson

School:  Gravette High School, Gravette FFA
4-H Leader: William Tapp

How long have you been involved in 4-H?

”Since I was three, I started showing lambs.  When I was nine I started showing cattle.” Jacy is currently the Vice-President of the Gravette Gleamers 4-H club.

You show Angus, has that always been your chosen breed?
"I started out with Angus and commercial heifers, I kind of branched off into different breeds, but I’ve always shown Angus.”

Why is being involved in agriculture important to you?
"It teaches you a lot of responsibility with the showing and other things involved.  I want a future in agriculture, it’s something I’ve grown up with and had instilled in me.” 

What are you goals and plans for the future?

“I’d like to attend college and major in agriculture. Perhaps agricultural business or agricultural communications.”

In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges facing the American agriculture industry?
"A lot of people have misconceptions of the beef industry, and they don’t really understand it.  I think we really need to get the word out about the fact that it is safe and that it has advantages.  It’s hard to change people’s opinions about things, but they should be aware that the beef supply is very safe and nutritious.”

What's your favorite thing about being involved in agriculture and being around cattle?
“Being involved in the Angus Association, I get to travel all over the United States.  I’ve gotten to go to so many places that I never would have had the chance to go.  I’ve met a lot of people across the United States that I keep up with and that I know are going to be life-long friends.  I think that’s the biggest advantage.”


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