Emma Robinson earned a spot on the State FFA Officer Team and has her own pork business. Contributed Photo.
Contributed Photo

Emma Robinson earned a spot on the State FFA Officer Team and has her own pork business 

REPUBLIC, MO. – At just 18 years old, Emma Robinson of Republic, Mo., has amassed an impressive number of accolades. She was named a 2024-2025 Missouri State FFA Vice President in April. 

“There was a long interview process that began at the area level,” Emma explained. “Another FFA member and I from Ava, Mo., were able to make it to the second round of interviews in Columbia, Mo. We did an in-person interview, a written exam, a writing test, a stand-and-deliver speech, a group round and an in-person interview. I was successful.”  

 Emma is the former FFA President of Republic High School. She turned over her gavel to the incoming president at a banquet held on May 3.

She graduated in May and plans to attend Crowder College in Neosho, Mo., to pursue an ag education degree.

Emma is the daughter of Andrew and stepmother Lori Robinson of Ash Grove, Mo., and Heather and stepfather Brad Rook of Republic.  She is employed at Robinson Farms. 

While at convention, Emma picked up some added awards, including winning first in the state Entomology CED contest. 

“I started studying entomology as a sophomore,” Emma said. “This year, I was on the entomology team with a junior and two sophomores. One of our junior’s scores were the highest in the state.” 

Emma was an eighth-high individual. 

To prepare for competitions on the team, Emma was at school at 6:30 a.m., looking at insects with her entomology team. 

“It was difficult at the time, but it was all worth it,” she recalled. 

Other achievements at state included Emma receiving her State FFA Degree and being honored as an area Star in Agribusiness Sales winner and state finalist. 

Emma won the area proficiency award with her business – the Sac River Meat Market, which began as an SAE (supervised agriculture experience). The award required a multiple-page written application that she completed while in leadership classes at Republic High School. 

“I started my freshman year with one Spot pig that I raised at home,” she said. “Later, I bought a Hampshire cross and some barrows. I got into the show circuit, but later, I realized that it was not for me. I was trying to do well in the show ring and in production and was falling short in both.” 

She later switched to butchering hogs and selling premium pork.  

 “It was the smartest and most cost-effective choice,” Emma said. 

 She now delivers throughout Missouri and to neighboring states.  

 Emma initially raised all her Yorkshire pigs at Robinson Farms until her customer base began thriving, to the point that she now uses a fellow producer in Lamar, Mo. The animals are then processed at a USDA facility in Golden City. 

“It’s a very long chain of people that support the industry and work together,” Emma said. 

Emma sells through Facebook exclusively.  

In February, Emma was named the Missouri Youth Pork Ambassador. She will receive a $1,000 scholarship in conjunction with the award.  

“All of the things that I am doing now I hope that I never take for granted. I realize that this business is going to help me in the future,” Emma said. “I am going into agricultural education, and having a small business on the side will help me influence my students and show them that this is something that they can do as a source of income.”  

In her retiring speech, Emma reminisced about all the things that brought her joy in FFA. She found joy in her many accomplishments; however, she said true joy was also found in her daily mundane activities. Emma found joy in her friends, who were there to dance or cry with her if needed. She found joy in her advisors, Cody Stewart, Duane Melton and Alec Hagan, who guided her through her journey. She found joy in her parents, who knew nothing about FFA but were willing to help her figure it out.  

“Above all else, I thank Him for this amazing organization that has impacted me in ways that I can’t even express.”


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