Longview Mill in Rocky Comfort, Missouri is owned by Tim and Mary Littlefield. Contributed Image.

Location: Rocky Comfort, Mo. 

Owners: Tim and Mary Littlefield

Manager: Hailey Malcom

History: Longview Mill began in Rocky Comfort, Mo., in 1978. It is one of three mills owned by Tim and Mary Littlefield. The other outlets are Southside Feed in Neosho, Mo., and Farm Pro in Monett, Mo.

Products and Services: Longview Mill offers a vast array of products for the farmer or rancher and whatever they feed or grow. 

“We have bagged feed for bovine, equine, avian, swine, and pets,” manager Hailey Malcom said. 

Longview Mill carries bagged feed from ADM, Cargill, Muenster Feed, Purina, MoorMan, Total Equine, Positive Feed, Ragland, Nutrena, Stock and Stable, and others. Minerals include Positive Feed, ADM, Growstrong, MoorMan and Right Now products.  

“We used to manufacture feed in Joplin (Mo.) at our feed mill and ship out to the stores, but we shut that down in 2008,” Hailey said. “We do offer bulk commodity mixes, and then we have some bulk from ADM, which is pelleted feed.”

There is also a large selection of animal health supplies, including livestock vaccines, dewormers, powered colostrum, bottles and milk replacers, OB items, bloat treatments, topical fungicides, ear tags and taggers, darts and dart guns. “We also have net wrap, baling twine, silage wrap, anything like that,” Hailey said, adding that seed and fertilizer is also available. 

There is  a large selection of lubricants, oil, transmission fluid, and other vehicle, equipment, or machinery-related products. Pet owners can also find Diamond, Victor, Taste of the Wild and Valu-Pak products at Longview Mill. Outside, customers can find gates, feed bunks, hay feeders, several types of panels, hay, straw, stock tanks, mineral feeders and much more.  

“We even have suckers for all the kids,” Hailey said, adding that Longview carries Big Country Toys.  

Business Philosophy: “Our original philosophy was, ‘We feed them all,’ and that’s what we do; we feed every species. We can also feed you with that thought,” Hailey said. “We have implemented a little different thinking over the last few years. Our customers are our family; implementing that has been big for us. We’ve been around for years and we’re seeing the next generation. We want to be able to say, ‘Hey, we’re still here and we are the same people, and we want to make you guys a part of our family.’


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