Triple S Horsemanship

Owner: Chynell Hudson
Location: Harrison, Ark.

History: Chynell (pronounced “Chanel”) has been training individuals and their horses for five years. This started out as a part-time job while going to school and now she is preparing to make it a full-time job. Chynell said, “When I started college I worked for free a lot, just to get experience and to get my name out there.” She loves what she does and has been riding since she could sit on a horse. Her love of horses led her to win three showmanship buckles when she lived in Oklahoma.
Cheynell had horses named Shiloh and Sundance, and now she has Samson. Using the first letter of each of their names has contributed to Chynell’s business name, Triple S Horsemanship.

Services: Chynell can break, teach and train horses for owners who need someone who will travel to their location. She will ride horses that need to be exercised and shaped up for an upcoming event or activity. Chynell especially enjoys teaching barrel racing because she has a passion for the sport herself and has a goal to race in the NFR (National Finals Rodeo) someday. Chynell said that she enjoys teaching the horse and owner together. She said, “People always tell me I have a natural talent. I can work with horses that most people have issues with.”
Being willing to travel makes her services unique because it’s like having a personal trainer for a horse and its rider, right at your place.

Philosophy: Chynell said, “I want to train horses to be the best they can be.” She said that her dad and 4-H leaders taught her that philosophy when she was little and she tries to live her life that way each day. With only three more classes to finish on her degree in Agricultural Business Marketing and Management at the University of Arkansas and a new business taking off, she seems to be moving in the right direction. Chenell said, “This is my dream, working with horses.”


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