Ridgeway Enterprises in Flippin, Arkansas is owned by Brent and Glenda Rozeboom. Contributed Photo.
Contributed Photo

Location: Flippin, Ark.

Owners: Brent and Glenda Rozeboom

History: Growing up on his family’s Northwest Iowa farm, Brent Rozeboom learned about tractors and equipment first-hand, so getting into the repair and parts business came naturally. 

In 2003, Brent and his wife Glenda, an Arkansas native, purchased a tractor business in Ridgeway, Iowa, and brought it to Arkansas. 

“It was in our garage at our house,” Glenda recalled. “We worked from home while we raised our children. About four years ago, we moved into the location where we are now. The business had grown, so we moved to a more centralized location, and we started carrying implements, net wrap, oil and those things.”

Products and Services: When the Rozebooms bought the business, it exclusively worked with Zetor tractors, which are build the Czech Republic. 

“We have branched out and work on all brands of tractors,” Glenda said. “I get salvaged parts for the Zetors, and order in for the other tractors,” she explained. “We also have aftermarket parts of Zetors as well, which we get from the Czech Republic. (Parts Manager) David (Hall) is amazing at what David does.”

Ridgeway Enterprises also deals in antique parts. 

“If it’s a tractor, or attached to a tractor, we can help you out,” Glenda said. 

Ridgeway Enterprises is a Farm King dealer and a dealer for Agricutter rotary cutters. Ridgeway continues to wrap, oil and other machinery and tractor-related items. 

Ridgeway also offers consignment sales. 

“If a guy wants to sell his tractor, they can put it on our lot for a commission,” Glenda said. 

Business Philosophy: “We know what it’s like to be down in the hayfield, and your tractor doesn’t work,” Glenda said. “We want to get them up and running, and out of the field.” 

Future Plans: The Rozebooms hope to continue to see steady growth, they hope to add an additional tractor line at some time in the future.

“We would like to expand and the kids take it over one day,” Glenda said. 


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