Sara Tuschhoff an active 4-H and FFA member and is serving as the American Salers Queen. Contributed Photo.
Sara Tuschhoff an active 4-H and FFA member and is serving as the American Salers Queen. Contributed Photo.

17-year-old Sara Tuschhoff is serving as the American Salers Queen

CUBA, MO. – Sara Tuschhoff, 17, a senior at Cuba High School enjoys working with other youth involved in agriculture and trade programs. 

She is involved in SkillsUsa, 4-H, FFA, as well as American Salers Junior Association (ASJA). All these clubs and organizations give her the opportunity to be an advocate for agriculture and trades, working with youth to continue to teach and grown agriculture and trade programs in the Midwest.

This summer alone she’s participated in a trip to Washington D.C. through her local electric cooperative; traveled to Montana for the American Salers Junior National show where she was crowned the American Salers Association Queen for 2023-2024; and participated in her county fair, helping a new ag teacher and kids from Steelville with their livestock projects. 

“Being involved has been my lifestyle,” Sara said. “I have a passion for educating and working with others to help them gain opportunities that I’ve have in life. The best way to teach others is to continue learning and all these things allow me to keep learning!”

Sara is the SkillsUSA Missouri President for the 2023-2024 school year at Rolla Technical Institute and Center. She is in the collision repair program. “SkillsUsa is a student lead organization that prepares students for successful transition from the classroom to the work environment,” Sara explained. “It focuses on trade skill jobs such as welding, collision repair, culinary arts, woodworking, masonry, construction, design and classes that allow students to learn a trade to work in after high school.”

In June of this summer, Sara traveled to Atlanta, Ga., where she competed in the National SkillsUsa speech contest after winning state. “The topic was ‘Our Time Is Now’ where I focused on being the only girl in collision repair,” Sara explained. “I spoke about being discouraged, but then realizing I needed to focus on my foundation for my future. My time is now.” 

Salers Cattle – 4-H and FFA

“I have been showing cattle since I was 8,” she said. “My grandpa and dad raised Salers and that’s what I started showing. I love the docility of our cattle and the Salers family is great to be a part of,” she added. “I love how the breed is big enough and we have great cattle, but the group is small enough to be close and always willing to help each other out.”

““When we are at shows, everyone works together to get things done,” she explained. “That is not always the case with all groups.”

Sara joined ASJA in 2018 and participated in the Salers Belles royalty contest serving as Little Miss Princess; then Junior Miss Princess and then American Salers Association (ASA) Princess and now ASA Queen for 2023-2024.

“The first year I attended junior nationals, I wanted to be involved and seeing the girls represent the breed and be a role model, I knew that was something I wanted to do,” she explained. “I interviewed for the Little Miss Princess and continued to learn about the breed so I could move up and interview for the Salers Princess when I reached the age requirement,” Sara said. 

“I studied the sample questions and probably drove my parents’ crazy asking them to test me,” Sara chuckled. “I talked to some of the previous Queens and did all I could to prepare for the interview. Then the winners were announced at Salers Belles breakfast during Junior Nationals and I was chosen.

“I have had the opportunity to attend the American Royal in Kansas City, National Western Stock Show in Denver, Missouri State Fair and Cattle Congress in Oklahoma City representing the Salers breed as a representative,” she said. “I look forward to doing that again as ASA Queen throughout the next year.”

17-year-old Sara Tuschhoff is serving as the American Salers Queen. Contributed Photo.
Contributed Photo

2023 Fair Season

Sara’s experiences have given her the opportunity to meet a lot of different people. One of those is Natalie Koch first-year ag teacher at Steelville High School. 

“When I took the job at Steelville, I told the administration I didn’t know how to clip cattle,” chuckled Natalie. “However, that information didn’t get communicated to the students, so when they showed up at the fair, they needed someone to help them with their cattle. I called Sara and she asked me what day and time she needed to be there, and she saved my bacon!”

“I was able to take what I’ve learned from others during my time showing cattle and helped her and her students get ready for the fair,” explained Sara. “I was there a couple of days clipping calves and we worked with the students on some showmanship tips. The second day was show day, so I finished clipping and helped fit two calves as well as reviewed showring tips.”

“In total I clipped about six calves, and we had two place third in class and one student won showmanship,” Sara added excitedly. “This was only his second year, so it was a great accomplishment. He even won a buckle. I was happy to help and be part of that,” Sara added.

Future plans

“I plan to attend East Central College in Union for two years to work on an ag business degree with a minor in journalism or communication,” Sara explained. “I want to continue to be an educator of agriculture through speech and writing; continue to do that as I grow up.” She also plans to have her own herd of Salers cattle and do her part in keeping the breed relevant in the beef industry.

“One of my role models is someone I met showing cattle – Matthew Price. Seeing him work and achieve his accomplishments has inspired me to work as hard as I can,” she explained. “He’s always there to help answer questions no matter how crazy they may be. And if he doesn’t know the answer, he will help me find it. He’s taught me a lot about cattle, and I look up to him a lot. He makes me want to work hard and achieve my goals.”

Sara lives with her parent, Laura and Shawn and her 15-year-old brother Ryan on their farm just north of Cuba in Crawford County. She is a member of Woolam 4-H where she serves the club as president, and Cuba FFA where she is an area officer as well as chapter vice president. 


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