Morgan Turner of Urbana, Missouri won the herdsman award at the Dallas County Fair and Junior Livestock Show. She is the daughter of David and Stephanie Turner. Photo by Julie Turner-Crawford.
Photo by Julie Turner-Crawford

Age: 16

Hometown: Urbana, Mo. 

Parents: David and Stephanie Turner

Siblings: Brylie and Ella Turner

What is your involvement in agriculture? “My family and I own and operate a farm with an active beef cow/calf operation. I am also actively breaking and raising horses. I am actively involved in showing cattle, horses and hogs at various county fairs.”

What is your favorite part of being involved in agriculture/living on a farm? “I learn a lot more on the farm than anywhere else, including how to raise and care for various animals. I love the relationships that have been built through the lifestyle.”

What are your future plans? Do they involve agriculture in some way? “I’m not exactly sure what my plans are. I just now they will be built around agriculture.”

Awards: “My show animals have won numerous awards over the years. I won the herdsman award this summer at the Dallas County Fair and Junior Livestock Show.”


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