Mid America Farm & Ranch in Talala, Oklahoma is owned by brothers Allen Long and Greg Long. Contributed Photo.
Contributed Photo

Location: Talala, Okla.

Owners: Brothers Allen Long and Greg Long

Manager: Gates Linihan

History: Mid American Farm & Ranch began in 2008 with a feed mill, but has grown into much more in Talala, Okla.

Products and Services: Manager Gates Linihan, a 12-year veteran of the company, said livestock feed is the main line for Mid America Farm & Ranch, offering its own specialty brand, Bonanza. 

Feeds milled by Mid America Farm & Ranch are primarily for cattle and equine, and are both bagged and bulked.

“We sell a lot of our 14 percent cubes and creep, and a lot of our 20 percent cubes and creep,” Gates said. Feed products are also available for other species of livestock from ADA and other manufacturers. 

Livestock feed may be the foundation of Mid American Farm & Ranch, but there is much more inside the store, which is located across the street from the feed mill.

“We have anything farm- and ranch-related,” Gates said. “From animal health to lawn and garden. We recently picked up a Stihl dealership. We have a very large equine customer base, and probably our latest and greatest is move is a store just with equine products. You name it, we have it.”

The equine store, which is a part of Mid America Farm & Ranch’s Talala location and opened in May 2021. Gates said it is possibly the largest tack supply store in Northwest Oklahoma.  

Pet supplies, hardware, fencing supplies, livestock equipment and supplies, show supplies, seed, pasture chemicals and animal health products are just a few of the other products located at Mid America Farm & Ranch. 

“We’ve also branched out and are into square hay now,” Gates added. “We get hay delivered from Arizona; alfalfa and Bermuda.” The bales are 100-pound, three-wire tied bales.

“It’s changed a lot over the last several years,” Gates said. 


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