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Owner: Doris Hill

Location: Welch, Okla. 

History: Happy Cow Feed owner Doris Hill sold liquid cattle feed from her home for many years, but when the opportunity arose, she moved the business into town when a former feed store in Welch, Okla., came up for sale. 

“I did the liquid feed for eight, nine years, and would always get calls asking if I had pig feed, cow feed, and such and such,” Doris said. “When this [building] came up for sale, I kind of jumped on it.”

Products and Services: Happy Cow Feed moved into Welch in April 2009, and has been offering farmers and ranchers a variety of products since that time. If it’s not on the shelves, Doris can get it. 

“I can get anything,” she said. “You can’t keep everything you can possibly have, but I an normally get it in a few days.” 

A wide selection of feed for livestock and pets, however, is always on hand. 

“We try have feed for all of your animal critters,” Doris said. “It’s from horse feed, chicken feed, rabbit feed, cattle feed, goat feed; just about anything. We also carry hay and straw.”

Bagged and bulk feed is available, with the bulk being a cattle mix from Stillwater Milling Company.

“I have a 30-ton tank, and my goal as always been to have part ground feed and part cubes, but the ground feed has just went over so well that I stuck with it.”

Happy Cow continues to offer the foundation of the business with liquid feeds and lick tubs from Crystalyx, Ragland and many others. Salt and mineral are also available. 

Doris also offers animal health supplies, hardware, panels and gates, hay rings, concrete feed bunks, season items and many other products in stock. 

“Business has been really good for us; I feel blessed,” Doris said, adding that her husband Mark, sons Dustin and Dylan, daughter Crystal, employee Dennis Dalton help keep things moving. Her two grandkids also help out a couple of days a week. 

Business Philosophy: “We try to make sure every customer his happy, and we treat them the best we can; every customer is important,” Doris said. 

Future Plans: Doris would like to offer delivery of liquid feed, possibly as early as next year.

“I’d like to expand my horse tack, because this is horse country, in addition to cattle country,” Doris said. “I’d also like to add onto the store because my showroom isn’t very big.”


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