Justine Justice of Fordland, Missouri is a member of the Fordland FFA Chapter. She is the daughter of Shelby and Josh Hogan. Photo by Julie Turner-Crawford.
Photo by Julie Turner-Crawford

Age: 16

Hometown: Fordland, Mo. 

Parents: Shelby and Josh Hogan

Siblings: Dawson and Ranger Hogan

FFA Chapter: Fordland FFA

Chapter Advisor: Clayton Tunnell

What is your involvement in agriculture? 

“My farm started about 11 years ago when we moved to our farm. I have been feeding and spending time with my animals as my farm grows. We grow up steers and pigs for meat and sell others. We will soon be selling at farmers markets near Fordland.”

What is your favorite part of being involved in agriculture/living on a farm?

“My favorite part of being in agriculture is the animals and watching them grow up and go to happy homes. I love living on a farm because I get to feed the animals, take care of them and build them up.”

What are your future plans? 

“My future plans are to become an ag teacher and have a farm. They both involve agriculture because I will be teaching the future generation and growing animals and plants.”

What is the best advice about agriculture you have received from adults? 

“The best advice I’ve gotten about agriculture is that many things start off from scratch but after it grows, it will be great in the end. I got this from an older man at the feed store.”

Awards: Diversified Agriculture Production Award and Leadership pin


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