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Location: Summersville, Mo.

Owners: Jerry and Judy Cooper

History: Cooper Farm Supply opened its doors in 1969, offering fertilizer. The company expanded a couple of years later and began offering livestock feed and other products. 

“Back then, there weren’t any fertilizer dealers, so that’s what we started with,” Judy Cooper said.

Products and Services: Cooper Farm Supply offers a range of products, including hardware, vet supplies, seed, garden seed, farm supplies, posts, wire gates and much more. Seasonal items are also available, 

For the livestock producer, Cooper Farm Supply offers feed and mineral for cattle, sheep, pigs, goats and horses. Producers can work with Cooper Farm Supply staff to formulate custom a mix to fit the needs of their herd or flock. Bulk delivery and bagged feed are available. In addition to the Cooper Farm Supply line of feeds, customers can also select items from Purina.

There are also products for dogs and cats, and Cooper Farm Supply can help hunters with food plot needs for deer. 

And, of course, Cooper Farm Supply still offers fertilizer. 

“We have fertilizer buggies and a custom spreader who spreads it for us,” Judy said. 

While Cooper Farm Supply might not be a big store, they offer many products for producers of all sizes.

“We have a lot of stuff, but we don’t have clothes and things like that,” Judy said. 

 She also said Cooper Farm Supply has had ups and downs, but they remain a vital part of the farming community in Summersville. 

“There used to be five stores here in town when we first started, and we’re the only one left,” she said. “There have been some rough days, but if you don’t have bad days, you don’t know if you have a good one.”

Business Philosophy: Judy said they would like to add new products in the future, but until then, they will keep doing what they have done for five decades at Cooper Farm Supply, which is taking care of their customers. 

“If you take care of your customers, they’ll be back,” she said. 


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