Charlotte Koller of Alma, Arkansas is a member of the Alma 4-H Club. She is the daughter of Melissa Koller. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Age: 15

Hometown: Alma, Ark.

Parent: Melissa Koller

4-H Club: Alma 4-H Club

Club leader: Melissa Koller

What is your involvement in agriculture? 

“I have been raising various livestock on my grandparents’ hobby farm since I was 6 years old. I have been an active member of 4-H since I was 5 and began the 4-H Poultry Chain project when I was 7. I have also raised and shown rabbits, a dairy goat, waterfowl, turkey and various breeds of chicken. I also am learning to ride my horse.

“Currently, I am a Crawford County 4-H Advisory Board member and a member of the Crawford County Fun-on-the-Farm Subcommittee. I am a Crawford County Junior Fair Board Member and the 2022 Arkansas Poultry Barbecue Champion.

What is your favorite part of being involved in agriculture/living on a farm? 

“I really enjoy animals. Rabbits have long been my favorite, but my mom always encourages me to branch out. I love planting and watching things grow. I enjoy the time outside, the connection with nature and with my family that agriculture allows.

“Through agriculture I have been able to find opportunities to learn new skills, compete, meet a variety of different people, and grow interesting relationships.

What are your future plans?

“At 15, I am still discovering what I want to do with my future. I love art, I love coffee, I love writing, and I love ag. Maybe, somehow, I can combine it all. For now, I know I will probably always grow some kind of plant, some food, and raise animals. Its just part of who I am.”

What is the best advice about agriculture you have received from adults? 

“Never think you know everything about the animal. Grandpa Koller told me this while I was feeding our current feeder steer we are growing for beef.”


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