Locations: Hartville and Willow Springs, Mo. 

Owners: Keith and Rebecca Gray, and Jessica Brown

History: Grow Smart Quality Feeds, LLC, opened in 2017 in Willow Springs, Mo., and in Hartville, Mo., in 2018. The family-owned company also has locations in Arkansas in Viola, Pineville and Mountain View. 

Products and Services: Rebecca Gray, one of the owners of Grow Smart Quality Feeds, said the company provides producers feed for every species and class of livestock. A the Hartville location, poultry feeds are the highest demand.

“Both locations offer bulk feed and delivery, as well as bagged feed for all livestock,” Rebeca said. “We also have vet supplies; pet feed and other times farmers and ranchers need.” 

Custom-mixed rations and supplemental minerals are also available to livestock producers. 

During the haying season, both stories also carry net wrap and other haying supplies. 

Business philosophy: Being a small-town business, Rebecca said Grow Smart Quality Feeds is a “family-oriented business.”

“That’s what we are all about,” she said. “We work with our customers to take care of them.”


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