Tri-County Farm & Ranch Supply in Ash Flat, Arkansas. The owners are Larry Forschler and Matt Forschler. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Location: Ash Flat, Ark.

Owners: Larry Forschler and Matt Forschler

History: Tri-County Farm & Ranch Supply was founded in 1995 by Brad and Carol Hopkins. 

As the couple began looking at retirement, the Forschler Family of Companies was looking at a new business idea. 

“Tractor Supply came to us at our other business location and were looking to see if we were interested in selling our building so they could put in a Tractor Supply. The deal fell through, but we started thinking if they are moving in, we needed to be in that business,” Matt Forschler, vice president of FHC, Inc. His father Larry serves as company president.

The Forschler family took over in the fall of 2017. Forschler family, Matt said, has been in business since 1902, offering clothing, hardware and other items to customers. Still, the purchase of Tri-County Farm & Ranch Supply is the first step into agriculture. 

Products and Services: Matt said things have changed at Tri-County Farm & Ranch Supply, but farmers and ranchers can still expect to find animal health items for livestock and pets, garden supplies, bedding plants and flowers, equine supplies and tack, seasonal decor items, farm toys and much more. 

“We offer pretty much the full gamut of feed,” Mark said. “We have feed from some of the local manufacturers, like Powell Feed and Hirsch Feed and Farm Supply, and feed from ADM and Cargill.”

Feed is available for all livestock species, as well as for pets.

Livestock feed, at this time, is only offered in bags, but Matt said they are hoping to begin bulk delivery in the future.

Unfortunately, Tri-County was unable to carry bulk fertilizer this year due to cost, but other areas have expanded.

“I think most people are surprised at the quality of our clothing,” Matt said. “As a western store, we have always carried a little, but we are getting back to our roots. Our store now is 25 percent clothing and footwear and about 30 percent of the business. It’s an area that has seen strong growth.”

Future plans: A complete remodel is underway at Tri-County Farm & Ranch Supply.

“We will have a lot more plumbing, hardware and electrical,” Matt said. “Before there was just a focus on the farm products, but we will offer much more to make it a one-stop-shop.”

In addition to adding bulk feed, Matt said he hopes to one day add a livestock nutritionist to the staff of Tri-County Farm & Ranch Supply.

“We want to figure out how to get it all in, but not get too far too fast,” Matt said.


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