Kaden Roberts of Lebanon, Missouri has been involved in Supervised Agricultural Experience summer projects with the local FFA chapter. He is the son of Tommy Roberts and Andrew and Cathrin Letterman. Photo by Amanda Bradley.
Photo by Amanda Bradley

Hometown: Lebanon, Mo.

Parents: Andrew and Cathrin Letterman, and Tommy Roberts

Siblings: Mackenzie Roberts and Lilly Letterman

Involvement in agriculture?

With FFA, Kaden has been involved in SAE (Supervised Agricultural Experience) summer projects. In the fall of 2021, he competed in a speaking contest, with his topic being about the shortage of bacon in California. On the family farm, he’s known as “the worker.” He does a little bit of everything, from tending to the animals to working the fields, bushhogging, working the ground, and planting. 

Kaden likes to stay busy, and the farm provides plenty of busyness. His work is also what he’s passionate about so it’s the perfect job for him.

Do you still want to farm when you grow up?

“Yes. I want to move to Illinois and be a pig farmer.” 

Kaden once visited a pig farm in Illinois where a farmer had hundreds of pigs. It’s inspired him to want to do the same. It’s about pursing what he knows and following the money. Kaden also has college plans at either Kansas State for an agricultural program or Alabama for sports, but he’s still in the decision-making process.

What’s the best advice you’ve received from adults, and who’s given you that advice?

“Always check your surroundings and for those around you.” His good pal Joe and his Uncle Robbie tell him this.

Awards: Some recent showing awards Kaden has earned are: Reserve Grand Champion Hampshire Boar at Missouri State Fair; Second overall Hampshire Barrow in the Missouri Youth Show Pig Circuit with this pig named Grandpa; and Reserve FFA Champion Yorkshire Gilt at Missouri Fair with his pig named Elenore.


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