S&D Feed and Small Engine in Dixon, Missouri. Owned by Shirley McKinnon. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Location: Dixon, Mo.

Owner: Shirley McKinnon

History: What started as a retirement plan for Shirley McKinnon’s husband Dwight 11 years ago has turned into a full-time business for Shirley.

“He became disabled, so it fell to me. I tell everyone we bought it on April Fool’s Day, and it’s a bad joke,” she said with a laugh, adding if she didn’t enjoy the business she wouldn’t be there every day.

Prior to the business being S & D, it had been Sloan’s Feed Store.

“They had been in business about 12 years before we took over,” Shirley said, adding the business has become a staple in Dixon, Mo., over the years for farmers and ranchers.

Products and Services: “We offer feed for your cattle, horses and pigs, and chickens. We carry the Double-O-Feed, and I carry some vaccines and vet supplies,” Shirley said. S & D can also specialty order anything for customers. 

Feed and animal health products aren’t all that can be found at S & D.

“In the small engine shop, we work on anything that has a gas engine, from 4-wheelers to side-by-sides, chain saws, lawn mowers or anything else,” Shirley said. “We carry the Husqvarna-brand equipment, and I’m looking for another line to carry.”

The biggest product Shirley and S & D offers is the attention given to customers and their needs. 

Future Plans: Shirley adds to her inventory daily, but she has no big plans to expand.

“I’m kind of maintaining for now, and then I will go from there,” she said. “It depends on what people need. If they need it, I will carry it for them.”


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