Owner: Berry Lord

Location: Fair Play, Mo.

History: Berry Loyd started buying, selling and trading tack when he was 12 years old.

“In the Appleton City, (Mo.) area, Bert Jones and Ray Mayors had little tack shops, and I loved it,” Berry recalled. “I’ve been around horses and tack and have just enjoyed it. It was a hobby. I have just enjoyed it and it kept growing and growing.” 

On Dec. 6, 2006, Berry opened Diamnd L Tack and Feed in Fair Play, Mo. 

Products and services: Diamond L Tack and Feed boasts a wide selection of items needed for a horse. They buy and sell tack, saddles and other equipment.

“We sell a lot of used tack and try to carry products in a price range where people can afford it,” Berry said. “We do take trade ins and try our best to make every trade we can, within reason.”

Diamond L keeps many brands of saddles in stock, including Billy Cooke, Hereford and Santa Fe, along with some “fancy” saddles, including barrel racing, cutting and roping saddles, and top-quality Amish-made items. They also have hundreds of bridles and headstalls, breast collars, lead ropes, saddle pads/blankets and other items.

“We have something for kids and ponys, on up,” Berry said. “We don’t carry any thing for draft horses, but we have about 230 to 240 saddles at all times, from a 10-inch seat up to a 22-inch seat, and there’s 500 to 600 bridles and bits.”

Berry did not plan on the “feed” portion of the store, but his dad said a line of feed and other products was needed in the store. 

“We have a lot of repeat customers,” Berry said. “We offer products from several different vendors, and also sell a lot of dog food, and food for other pets. We also offer some wormer for cattle and horses, flea sprays and things like that. We even sell tires, boots, belts and purses; we just offer a good variety.”

“We just want to do our best to make everyone happy; we want to get people what they need,” Diamond L Feed and Tack manager Stephanie Pack added. “Plus, it’s just a neat little neighborhood store to come hang out and get what you need.”


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