Braden Shotzman of Charleston, Arkansas is a member of the County Line FFA chapter. Submitted Photo.
Submitted Photo

Age: 16

Parents: Kevin and Holly Shotzman

Hometown: Charleston, Ark.

FFA Chapter: County Line FFA

Advisor: Ron Koch

What is your favorite aspect of agriculture?

“I really life beef production because there are so many ways to produce better quality meat and more of it. We have to be able to feed the world which means quality and quantity.”

Who is the most influential person in your life?

“My dad is the most influential because he has had a lot of experience with cattle by working for more than 20 years at Burt’s Feed Mill outside of Charleston, Ark., and also working as a ranch hand with their cattle. Over the years, he and the others he worked with have improved herd quality by reducing inbreeding, raising larger cattle, and better market weights.”

What is your current involvement in agriculture?

“I feed 40 head of cattle every day. I also care for my show cattle, which are commercial heifers and market steers. In addition, I work every other day preparing them for the show ring and switch to every day starting in late spring so they are ready for the competitions.”

What are your future plans?

“At this point I’m planning on going to Arkansas Tech University in Russellville for a degree in fish and wildlife in preparation for becoming a game Warden or wildlife biologist.”

What is most memorable about your competitions?

“I really enjoy the heat of the moment in showmanship competitions and have won county a few times, and have been in the final heat at state. That competition is not about the quality of the calf but how well you have trained your animal. It is an even playing field where a $10,000 calf is not an advantage.”

What is the most important thing you have learned about agriculture?

“My ag teacher, Mr. Koch, has taught me how diverse agriculture really is. It’s not only raising animals or crops but also mechanics, business, public relations and much more.”


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