The Wilkins Family of 4W Metal Building Supply Company in Oronogo, Missouri. Owners are Rev. Johnny Wilkins, Sherrie Moore, J.R. Wilkins, Christie Hare, Charles Wilkins. Photo by Rachel Harper.
Photo by Rachel Harper

Owners: Rev. Johnny Wilkins, Sherrie Moore, J.R. Wilkins, Christie Hare, Charles Wilkins

Location: Oronogo, Mo.

History: 4W Metal Building Supply Company opened its doors a little over 21 years ag, but the Wilkins family has been in the building supply business, working out of their homes, for many years. Owner Rev. Johnny Wilkins has done construction his whole life. His four children, Sherrie Moore, J.R. Wilkins, Christie Hare and Charles Wilkins, which the business is named after with the 4W standing for the four Wilkins children, have always been involved in the family business. 

“The Christian-based business is on the same property that we have lived on and have farmed our whole lives,” J.R. said.

They got into constructing metal buildings, post frame buildings, along with metal roofing, and decided to open their own metal supply business.

“The reason that we opened the office was because metal and supplies in the industry was overpriced and so we came in trying to have low profits and high sales to help everybody get what they needed,” J.R. explained. They provide a high-quality, American-made product.

Products and Services: 4W Metal Building Supply manufacturers and sells all types of steel frame, stick frame and post frame buildings, from residential to commercial and farm. They also offer metal roofing and siding, as well as structural steel, garage doors, insulation, outdoor wood furnaces and hay trailers. 

“We design the buildings and have them engineered and stamped, which means it is certified and meets all the codes of the city,” J.R. said. “They are not cookie cutter buildings, and we design them into a kit for what you need. We have a design system here at the office, whether you want a stick frame home, barndominium, barn or post frame.” 

Future and Philosophy: “We want to keep the business family owned and operated and to continue being proud that our name is on our product. We are always expanding and are currently looking into getting residential windows and doors,” J.R. said. “We buy local as much as possible and ship all over the United States. We are Christian-based because God gave us everything, and without that we would have nothing.” 


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