Diesel Dixon from Conway Missouri. Photo by Amanda Bradley.
Photo by Amanda Bradley

Age: 7

Hometown: Conway, Mo.

Parents: Brett and Jessica Dixon

4-H Club Leader: Sarah Johnson

Involvement in agriculture:

“See number 259?” Diesel said gesturing to one of his cows. “I’ll be showing her this year.” In addition to showing dairy cattle, Diesel is involved in many areas of agriculture on his family’s farm, Stil Dreamin Dairy. Whether it’s helping his dad run farm equipment or caring for animals, he stays busy. He’s responsible for his own dairy cows, a couple of pot belly pigs and his chickens. He’s made a small business from selling chicken eggs as well. In addition to his work on the family farm, this year is his first year in 4-H. “In 4-H, we play a lot of games and learn a lot of interesting things. We did beekeeping in March,” Diesel said.

What is your favorite part of being involved in agriculture/living on a farm?

“The work and fun with animals. I’ve got cats, chickens, cows, I share two pigs with Mommy, and I probably got 15 dairy cows.” The dairy cows are a combination of Holsteins, Guernseys and Ayrshires, he explained. When it comes to his chickens, what he loves most about them is “watching them scratch around in the yard,” but he admits they can eat all the worms and ruin the dirt. 

Do you still want to farm when you grow up?

“Yes, I want to get the farm and make a farm store. I want to have apples, peaches, all kinds of vegetables, milk, eggs and all the stuff that’s local farming.” He said he hopes to take over the farm for his parents one day and would like to acquire some other farmland too.

What is the best advice about agriculture you have received from adults? Who gave you that advice? 

“I’d say that the person I’ve gotten the most advice from is Daddy.” 

As for the best advice, Diesel said, “That’s a hard one… I can’t tell you the best. He’s told me all kinds of things: how to seed; how to drive a tractor; how to work the ground – he’s taught me everything about farming.”


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