Age: 16

Hometown: West Fork, Ark.

Parents: Jim and Palika Morse

4-H Club: West Fork 4-H

Leader: Tracy Roebke

How did you get started with 4-H?

“When I was in kindergarten, I brought home a flyer about 4-H. We are town folks and were surprised to find how many areas and activities town people could easily participate in. My mom Palika thought it was a good idea, so I started in kindergarten and my younger sister started when she entered kindergarten two years later. I remember feeling at home and being welcomed. Early on, some of the talks and demonstrations were out of my comfort zone but really informative and good for me.”

What is your 4-H project and what you like about it?

“My project is in the health and fitness area. Among many other things, I play the piano and promote music as a healthy lifestyle for dealing with stress. The fitness part comes in because I play basketball.”

Favorite 4-H moment, awards?

“The Congressional Award silver medal is the most important I’ve won. The award covers four areas. First is exploration, followed by expedition, such as planning our family trip to Iceland. Next are professional development including researching colleges and getting a job at Raising Cane’s, and community service where I have volunteered at food banks as well as packaging and distributing bags filled according to USDA standards for others in need.”

What are your future plans?

“My dad Jim is my inspiration. He was in the military for 22 years as a noncommised officer and is also a retired sheriff’s deputy. My goal when I graduate from high school is to be accepted at West Point and follow in my father’s footsteps of being in the military.”

What would you say to a younger person considering joining 4-H?

“I would tell my personal story and how I got to go to Washington, D.C., and experience a new city while attending the Healthy Habits Conference and the National Healthy Living Summit. Today’s 4-H has a place for everyone.”


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