Age: 13

Hometown: Hattieville, Ark.

Parents: Brent and Shawna Duvall

Siblings: Emmy Lou and Caul

What is your involvement in agriculture? 

“Our farm consists of 50 mixed breed cows, two black Angus bulls, 30 steers, 10 horses (geldings, mares and colts). Plus, we have three dogs, three cats and Cinnamon Queen chickens. My dad participates in roping events, so all of our horses are cow bred and trained for roping. We love to trail ride and check cattle on our horses.”

What is your favorite part about living on a farm?

“I love spending time with the animals. They get to know you and love you. My animals always ‘perk up’ when they see me coming to the barn. I love to check the cows to see if there are any new babies. My favorite is vaccinating the cows, though.”

What are your future plans?

“Being raised on the farm has shaped me into who I am today – a hardworking, responsible, animal-loving country girl. My dream is to go to college to become a small animal vet, and I want to own my own clinic and farm. I will definitely have lots of animals and love every one of them.”

What’s the best advice about agriculture you have received? 

“My parents have always encouraged me to be active on the farm. There were days that were cold or rainy and I didn’t want to do my farm chores, but I always had a great feeling when I would push and go ahead and do it. Never give up – the animals depend on us.”

What advice would you give to other young people who want to be involved in agriculture?

“Living on a farm has taught me responsibility and how to care for animals, not only when they are well, but also when they are sick. Life lessons happen daily on the farm, and I learn something new every day. It’s a lot of hard work, but worth it.”

Awards: “I began showing Poultry Chain in 4-H when I was in kindergarten, and I showed for five years. I also showed Quarter Horses and mini ponies in 4-H. I won several awards with my horses, such as lead-in class, walk/trot class and also placed in the queen’s contest. I participated in sewing, cooking, BBQ and 4-H speech contests.”


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