Parent: Becky Equevilley 

Hometown: Mansfield, Mo.

FFA Chapter: Mansfield High School

FFA Advisor: Sarah Peterson

What do you like best about the agricultural life?

“It teaches the value of hard work. It gives people first-hand examples of how hard work pays off. Agriculture life is not made for any one person. Agriculture can be found anywhere.”

Do you think you might make a career out of agriculture?

“Even though my career is undecided, I know whatever my future holds, agriculture will be a part of it. One thing is decided, I will definitely continue beekeeping and start a small business selling honey-related products.”

FFA Involvement: “This is my fourth year in FFA. I am currently serving as the Mansfield FFA president. During my time in FFA, I have been a part of contest teams including FFA Knowledge, Entomology and Livestock judging. For my Entomology team, I competed at the state level.”

Who has been the most influential person in your life?

“My mom. She is the strongest person I know and has constantly been a role model in my life. She raised me and my siblings by herself and truly showed me the value of hard work. She has been there for me and has supported me throughout everything – even when I didn’t ask her first and would bring home livestock from swap meets.”

What is your SAE?

“My current SAE is beekeeping. My beekeeping journey first started two years ago when I received a scholarship from the Wright County IDA. Through this scholarship, they provided me with everything, including the information I needed to be a successful beekeeper. Since receiving this scholarship, I have doubled my hives and started selling my honey to locals. This year I also won a state proficiency award in Specialty Animal for beekeeping. My future goal for my SAE is to triple the amount of hives I have and start my own business and sell honey.”

How do you feel the agricultural industry will change in your lifetime?

“Every day the world advances with technology, for the purpose of making life easier. I think the way we do stuff in agriculture will be changed for the betterment and to become more efficient.” 


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