Age: 17

Parents: Mark and Nancy Satterfield

Hometown: Norfork, Ark.

4-H chapter: Norfork 4-H

Leader: Elliott Golman

What is your favorite aspect of agriculture? “I really like ecology because it is the foundation of ag as well as the world. We need ecology and work off of that foundation. No matter what a person’s position or job is, everybody depends on agriculture and agriculture depends upon good ecological practices.”

Who is the most influential person in your life? “The most influential people are my mom and my dad because they work hard and have instilled that ethic in me. It pays off with school because I don’t procrastinate and do my work thoroughly and with my goats because I do what they need 100 percent of the time.”

What is your current involvement in agriculture? “Generally, I help feed the cattle and also take care of the show goats. I feed them in the morning and, if the weather is nice, take them outside. There I bathe and groom them, in addition to practicing for shows by bracing and walking them. I am active in their healthcare by worming them once a month alternating wormers to prevent resistance and by sometimes administrating the shots they need to be healthy. We also take the goats Reprologix in Kansas for AI.”

What are some of your agricultural memories? “When I was really little, like about 2, my grandparents, Loyd and Joanne, used to take me into the barn and put me in the hay when momma cows were having trouble birthing. They would pull the calf and I would watch, which I thought was really interesting but a bit gross too.”

What is most memorable about your competitions? “We show goats in Fulton, Sharp and Baxter counties. I’ve won grand in all of them and go to jackpots as well. What I really enjoy about competing is seeing all the hard work pay off in about five minutes.”

What are your future plans? “I really would like to be a veterinarian. I think working with animals is the best way I can contribute to society while doing something that I love.”


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