Age: 12

Hometown: Jay, Okla.

Parents: Melissa and Robin Kirby

Siblings: Megan and Robbie

4-H Club: Jay 4-H

Club Leader: Becky Roberts

Emily Kirby is a seventh grader at Jay Middle School. She lives on a ranch in rural Jay with her parents. She joined 4-H at the urging of her parents and older siblings.

“It’s part of my heritage and tradition,” Emily said.

She raises market goats and cross natural lambs for her 4-H projects. “I liked the hustle and competition in the goat and lamb shows.”

Kirby also barrel races and is exploring riding bulls because “they are fun and are an adrenaline rush.”

Kirby owns 50 acres of the family ranch. In addition to her 4-H projects, she also raises registered Texas Longhorns and Red/Black Angus cattle with her dad.

Kirby loves living on a ranch because “you can do crazy stuff and don’t get the law called on you.”

“You have privacy to have a bonfire and don’t have to worry about snoopers,” she said. “I also love the peace and quiet.”

Kirby gets some help from her dad in the mornings during the school year, her evenings and weekends are filled with feeding everything from Miss Priss, her American Quarter horse/Thoroughbred horse, to her 335-pound lamb, Elliot – her first show lamb turned “my little baby.”

Other chores include taking care of her other animals, ranging from her cow Peaches and her favorite longhorn, to turtles, fish and several dogs.

Who is the most influential person in your life?

“My mom, because she pushes me to do things I wouldn’t do. I wouldn’t be pro barrel racing if she hadn’t pushed me to do it.

“She always tells me to keep trying, because at times I feel like giv-ing up, but then mom tells me to snap out of it.”

What’s the best advice you’ve been given?

“My older brother Robbie always tells me ‘don’t give up.’ He tells me if you give up, you are a wimp. I don’t want to be a wimp, so he tells me this, because he knows it will get me to try harder.”

Future plans?

Kirby wants to be a trucker with her dad. She also wants to barrel race when not on the road.


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